counting the cost

Here’s a quick rundown of one couple’s costs incurred for a normal pregnancy without complications. I, as a government employee, get all this paid for through the glories of socialism, but this poor bastard, one of the entrepreneurial types we claim to want to encourage in this country, is in the hole for $10,000. Others in the comments section paid more. And that’s not surgery, that’s not emergency measures — that’s just to have someone qualified stand around to watch the baby come out. (Granted, the epidural is $1,200 of that — which is amazing in and of itself.)


One response to “counting the cost

  1. And none of that amount includes all the freakin’ stuff you have to have. We went to Target last night, just looking at STUFF. Jeez. Of course you don’t need all the STUFF they will try to sell you.

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