counting the costs — photographic edition

Recently found on my camera: a picture of the Whiteboard of Decisive Powers, which we used to figure out how the heck two unemployed hobos could possibly afford to have a baby. It’s a pretty good encapsulation of our thinking, actually.

Whiteboard of hope.

Whiteboard of hope.

Also, we have had requests from relatives for a picture of Elana’s pregnant belly, in order to chart her progress. We will happily comply with this request. However, since my wife accidentally discovered that the internet is full of weirdos who collect pictures of ordinary, happy pregnant ladies showing their bellies and then, uh, “re-purpose” such pictures on their own websites, we have decided not to put any belly pictures on the internet.

However, please enjoy the following pictures of the Ventura County fair, which we visited Saturday. It wasn’t quite as folksy as we were expecting — all the hogs, for example, were basically of one or possibly two breeds, and the same was true of the beef cattle. (There was more variety among chickens, and a ton of variety among things nobody processes commercially, like rabbits and turtles.) Still, it was a day full of things like “displays of showmanship,” which basically consists of pig handlers trying to get their pigs to behave. Pigs don’t always, as you can see here:

Pig train!

Curious pig.

The dust flies when one pig charges another.

We also very much enjoyed the lady barrel-racers, who can be seen here. Our favorite rider was probably McKenna Kramer (? not sure on the last name), who looked about 13 and all of 85 lbs., and who did her thing in a very respectable 17.92 seconds, which, for the competition she was in, was quite fast. Someday, I’m telling you, there will be a Disney movie about this kid and her horse.

By the way, here are some pointers, if you should ever go to the county fair and interact with the animals.

  • Do not get jerky out of your bag and try to feed it to the pigs. There’s some danger of this causing a pig riot.
  • If your children have a healthy sense of caution about sticking their fingers into an animal’s cage, this is something to commend, not pooh-pooh.
  • If the urge overtakes you to open the goat pen and let your children climb around inside — please resist it. That is not your goat.
  • If an 800-lb bulk of pure muscle starts head-butting the front of its cage in annoyance at your children’s shrieks, it is time to move on. Giggling and encouraging them to pet the cow is not good parenting.
  • To a goat, apparently, everything is potentially a snack. Including you, if you stand still long enough.
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    One response to “counting the costs — photographic edition

    1. Um by military do you mean full time career military.

      And while I am vastly interested in Elana’s progress I heartily agree about putting photos up on the web. And I don’t need one of the belly, but a picture of Elana herself would be nice.

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