seth’s career anxiety pie charts, draft 1

Reasons not to get out of the military:

Reasons to get out of the military:


6 responses to “seth’s career anxiety pie charts, draft 1

  1. you just proved that a pie chart can say a thousand words.

  2. Go with the purple.
    Afghanistan is cold in winter. Remember how much you
    dislike cold.
    And truthfully, I don’t think I can survive another deployment.

  3. Huge sigh of relief from this side of the country.
    love you

  4. I spent some time there in 2005, its not so bad. Some of the towns are quite enthusiastic at the prospect of outside help, especially since the US Military “invasion” paints a very clear distinction from the Russians. Our ROEs are vastly different, and clearly within the domain of humane. I went on many, many 4-man and 12-man patrols in and around towns throughout the country, and I enjoyed much of the interaction. One thing you have to remember is that for many of even the larger towns, they don’t get any outside news. In many cases, if they do, the only news they get is from the Taliban. I know of at least 10 people whom I met through generous trading over razor wire and in towns that have a new perspective on Americans.

    I’d still be in the Corps if I didn’t face the prospect of a continuous rotation into Iraq, even if that entailed continuous deployment to afghanistan. This find is also very exciting for the prospect of modernizing the country and empowering the people.

    Optimistic, I know, but one can only hope this wealth is shared, and not turned to oppression.

  5. Yeah — I’m not saying I would never go, and it’d be interesting to contrast it with Iraq. But I just can’t go right now. I’ve got a tiny baby and I think I may be going back to school for a while. I may go back in after a few years. But for now…. I’m gonna stay home.

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