another song

This is a song I sang for Henry this morning:

The cutest little bear!
He’s cuter than all the other bears
Certainly cuter than Papa Bear
Maybe even cuter than Mama Bear
(who’s quite cute!)

The littlest bear!
He makes funny noises but we don’t care!
He eats an ice cream scoop
Then he has metallic poop
But we don’t care
Because he’s so cute.

He thought it was pretty funny. He told me it reminded him of certain Great American Songbook pieces in its phrasing and rhythms. The name “Hoagy Carmichael” was mentioned.

He’s a very sophisticated critic.


4 responses to “another song

  1. thehandsomecamel

    It’s a metal ice cream scoop.

  2. Yeah, I think you jumped “artistic license” and run straight to “not making any sense.” 😀

    And don’t give me any BS about how he’s a baby, and he doesn’t know anything. He’s learning from you, and he’s going to have a very confused definition of “metallic.”

  3. And the tune is?

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