Things our bear can do

I am trying to BLOG MOAR this year. There is so much I can barely remember about the high-stress days of early infancy, and that was only a year ago! While we were visiting Seth’s family for Thanksgiving, his mom told us to write things down, because we would forget. Even though we’d think we wouldn’t. AND OF COURSE I thought “Surely I’ll remember this!” and since then I’ve had dozens of moments where I can’t remember anything that happened more than four minutes ago… comeuppance!

So! Here are some relatively new skills acquired by our bear:

*He has been signing “nurse” for a while. (The sign for nurse is opening and closing your hand. You know, like you’re milking a cow. Yep.) It’s his all-purpose “GIVE IT TO ME NOW” sign that certainly is used for nursing (the other night I came in to the bedroom to find that he had woken up and was sadly signing “nurse nurse nurse nurse nurse”.) but is also used for “I want that thing!”

He signed “nurse” to the checkout dude at the supermarket a few weeks ago. Excellent.

*He also points. He started doing this over Christmas, while we were staying with my aunt and uncle and their son and daughter in a house they’d rented out in the desert. Over the past few weeks, his point has become the traditional straight-at-the-thing type, the way you and I point. But when he first started, he did this awesome… sidelong point, with his finger half-crooked. It made him look very casual and kind of like an Italian gangster in a Scorcese movie.

*He has started to clap. He likes to walk around the living room clapping (for added difficulty, I guess.)

*He can also sign “more”. The sign for “more” involves tapping your fingertips together, but that’s pretty involved for a little guy, so it looks a lot like clapping. But it occurs only in the presence of food. And you have to prompt him. If you say “Do you want MORE?” he will make the sign to humor you. Otherwise he basically gets by with pointing and signing “nurse”/”give it to me, slave!”

*He is a champion walker. I think we basically saw the last of the crawling a week or two ago, right after coming back from Christmas. So that’s about two months from really starting to walk, at one year exactly (before that he’d taken steps, but you didn’t get the sense that he was really walking as a means of locomotion) to being pretty much an expert. It’s sort of amazing how fast he mastered it, to me. Walking seems very complicated, you know? You have to get everything pointed in the same direction, there are balance issues, you have to know where you’re going… But he’s got it.

He doesn’t really like to hold your hand while he’s walking. He never did the thing where he walked with adult assistance. He was very “GUYS. I’ve got it. Thanks.” and brushing us off from the beginning. Yesterday we were at a nearby park that has a steep sloping lawn, and he begrudgingly accepted a hand to get down the hill, but then immediately shook me off.

*He really likes dogs and cats. There’s a cat who lives nearby and who hangs out in the vacant lot next door. Whenever he sees her he makes a delighted sound (something like “DOHHHHH!!!!” – but I don’t think it’s a word, just an expression of amazement) and reaches over to see. (The cat, who is deceptively friendly, has clawed the shit out of my ankles, so I don’t actually let them interact.)

He does something similar for dogs. There were several dogs at yesterday’s park outing, and he would freeze, mid-walk, and look at them in amazement. If you were holding him when he spotted one, you’d get another “DOHHH!!!!” and some pointing.

*He’s gotten much better at drinking from both a sippy cup and a regular cup. (That is, the actually drinking was pretty much fine from the start, but there was a lot of spilling associated with it. Not so now.)

*At about 11 months, he dropped from two naps a day to one. It was a sad day in our household when that became permanent.

*He has passive knowledge of an array of words now. This evening we were playing a game where I would say “Bear, bring me your sock!” and he would. He also knew the word “fork”, but was stumped by “hat” (which he doesn’t wear very often.)

However, whenever we try to get him to look at or point at one of his parents, he still gives us the polite but bored look. I interpret this as “Guys. This is so embarrassing. If you don’t know where your spouse is… c’mon, that’s not my problem. DON’T DRAG ME INTO YOUR DRAMA!”

So there you go. Baby update!


One response to “Things our bear can do

  1. Elana
    thanks for the terrific update.
    Watch for language to explode sometime in the next few months.
    and Seth’s peds person said the smart ones give up their naps early.
    Good luck with that.

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