living room schadenfreude and the picture book game

If you have an interest in babies and an internet connection, you have probably already seen this bit of whimsy or its companion video already. It’s a pair of hilarious twin toddlers chatting with each other in nonsense and then going to the couch to do headstands. I repost it here only to point out that THEIR LIVING ROOM IS JUST AS FUCKED UP AS OURS. Which is a relief, because if that family were better than us at housekeeping when they’ve got twins, I’d have to hang myself.

Here is a video of our bear playing his favorite new game, which involves pointing at things in his picture books so that we can name them. He’ll often jump back and forth between two things, perhaps trying to hear the difference between them, as you will see him doing here with “cheese” and “broccoli.” (Bonus: he says “nana” for “banana” in this video as well.)

Here he does something similar with “fish” and “guinea pig.” He also signs “cat” (making whiskers on his face), “hair” (obvious), and “dog” (patting his hip).

Finally, some silliness. Here is a video of H. trying to work out how to use a foot-powered car:

And here’s one from a few weeks ago when it was still cold. I think he’s adorable in his little hat.

Here is a picture with a goat. Pretty much all that’s going on there.

Finally, this is a picture of him engaged in his two favorite hobbies: climbing, and getting into stuff.


4 responses to “living room schadenfreude and the picture book game

  1. I loved it when he was pointing at the pictures and went back and forth between words several times. Since Elana said the words the same way each time, it was like he was directing music.

  2. and seeing him signing the words is so inspiring and sweet.

    • thehandsomecamel

      Yes, the signing has been quite amazing. I didn’t see the point in it at first, but I now think it gives him an opportunity to practice language and to communicate some basic thoughts before his brain is quite ready to form spoken words. It’s something I’d recommend to any parent — not dogmatically, of course, but because it’s a lot of fun!

  3. I am glad to see that Elana’s vocabulary is coming along nicely.
    Seriously, H’s signing is wonderful.

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