coming soon — our all-ukulele-and-harmonica family band

A post full of what all you junkies come here for — the adorable videos. Here is Henry playing the ukulele (I do most of the fretting):

Next, here he is playing the harmonica:

He claps for himself at the end. You may do the same if you like.

And finally, here he is test-riding a bike from Flying Pigeon L.A. The bike is one of their special Dutch cargo bikes — it’s very tall, which is good for our family, and it can carry two kids, the day’s groceries, and a city bus. It’s also $1200, so for now we are just window-shopping. But seriously — it’s a fantastic bike. Go by and ask for Josef — he’ll let you try one out.


2 responses to “coming soon — our all-ukulele-and-harmonica family band

  1. oh my.

  2. The bike trip looks great and would look quite Dutch if you removed the shoulder straps (which I certainly hope you won’t do!). He’s also obviously a musical guy – must get it from his musical parents!

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