bee; shaolin toddler; tada!

Yesterday our son was outside on the front steps playing with a hose, pouring out the stale water that’s always leftover when you turn off the tap. Suddenly a bee, who had presumably crawled inside for a drink, flew out the end of the hose. Henry was startled and delighted. Elana told him what it was, and for the rest of the day he walked around the house cheerfully yelling “Bee! Bee! Bee!”

Before you are too impressed with this, keep in mind that only last Thursday our friend Naomi taught him to say “Please,” which he pronounced as “Beesh!” So who knows what’s going on in his mind at this point.

But he did do something later that I thought was pretty clever. He pointed out the window, then made the “wash hands” sign — which he often uses to indicate playing with water in general — and then he shouted “Bee!” I think perhaps he was telling me the story of what happened.

Here is a video of H. dramatically running down a cobblestone alley like he’s in a Stephen Chow movie.

And here he is performing the final, dazzling illusion in our two-man magic act. Seconds before this I had cut him in half.


3 responses to “bee; shaolin toddler; tada!

  1. Sounds like a story to me.
    Most excellent.

  2. I love the story about the bee. It’s fabulous when they can tell you about something they experienced that you missed!

    Isaac had a story about being scared by a dump truck that he told over and over when he was 20 months old:

    • thehandsomecamel

      I love that Isaac knew the word “compost” at 20 months. Also that he knew the word “pickle” as meaning “a bad situation”….

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