gardening toddler

So we’ve been down for a while. I think the lags between posts are going to get longer and longer, as I will be starting law school in a couple of months. Also, we started this to chronicle our pregnancy and new-parenting woes, and to vent a little during the 2009 health care debates, which we took somewhat personally, as Elana nearly died during her pregnancy and our family was only saved from ruin by the excellent, government-paid health care I was able to buy as a member of the Army Reserve.

But the ACA passed, albeit in somewhat watered-down and possibly unconstitutional form. And in order to maintain a little more compartmentalization, I moved my political blogging elsewhere. And meanwhile, our family stuff has gotten kind of… boring. Not totally, of course. But it’s becoming clear, as H. enters into toddlerhood, that the number of bewildering, scientifically-dubious, and self-righteous pronouncement by well-meaning know-it-alls greatly tapers off after the pregnancy/infancy stage. That’s not to say there aren’t still insane parenting-related things to write about — we only recently found out about blanket training, for example. But the barrage of pamphlets, books, and advice has, for now, been halted.

However, stay tuned; we are about to begin both potty training and day care. So there’s some fraught territory for you.

But until we get around to writing about those things, this space seems to be acting mostly as a video tumblr. So… enjoy.

My old friend Philip came to visit recently. Here’s a quiet scene with him and H. at the beach:

Here’s me endangering my child’s life by letting him picnic on top of the car:

Finally, here are some videos of H. playing in the tiny garage-top garden, our only outdoor space. The first one is particularly cool: he takes some instruction on how to solve a problem, and it works!


2 responses to “gardening toddler

  1. So Cute! What a clever guy and he obviously understands how to use a hoe!

  2. Make him work early. Good idea.

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