Our kid is 20 months old (I guess he’s about 18 months, adjusted for his gestational age). He is both pretty cool – sweet and funny and learning words at a rapid pace – and INCREDIBLY HARD TO COPE WITH.

Pick me up! Put me down! Let me operate that power saw!

For instance, he is easily able to remove our current outlet covers (we have impossible-to-remove ones on order), and the other day Seth sprang from his seat and started shouting NO. NO. SERIOUSLY. NO. and I looked over to see that Henry had somehow found my keys, removed the covers on the outlet near the door, and was just about to insert the keys into the interesting slots. Totally ignoring our terrified outburst, he turned to us and grinned proudly and said “Keys?”

Everything is like that. Yesterday we were hanging out with some of Seth’s new law buddies, and there was another mom there with a similarly-aged kid. And I started to feel… like I was a hovering, overprotective parent. Because the other toddler roamed freely and didn’t really get into trouble of any kind! And we have now moved to student family housing, which is mostly set up to be kid friendly, and is entirely fenced. So as I sat with the other mom and chatted, I tried to suppress my instinct to chase Henry around. But when he disappeared around a building, with the other lady’s kid right behind him, it was TOO MUCH and I ran after him. Only to discover that he had stretched onto his tiptoes and figured out how to open the gate to the street and was about to lead the other toddler to FREEDOM! and ADVENTURE!!! (He was out of my line of sight for three or four seconds.)

When Seth starts law school, our bear is going to start going to daycare so I can still work. At first I was really ambivalent about this – he has only ever been home with a parent, and he’s still so little, and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Now I literally cannot wait. I’m going to throw him at the lovely couple who run the daycare and run away, cackling. GOOD LUCK SUCKAS!!!

I just this morning spotted this It Gets Better: Toddler Edition post on Ask Moxie and whispered OH THANK GOD as I scrolled through it.


3 responses to “Toddlersaurus

  1. That reminds me, can I borrow your power saw?

    I actually managed the keys-in-the-electrical-socket trick. Apparently, all I did was freeze in place, until my sister shoved me away from the wall. And look how I turned out!

  2. Mechanical. Smart. Curious.
    Think all those things.
    He will get better.
    But they are a handful
    at this age. And daycare should help. I hope the folk who are
    watching are really watchful though.

  3. Our kid totally walked into a pond two weeks ago, and nearly drowned, and we were standing Right There. I think it’s just the age. As someone said, “They learn how to walk and start toddling toward Death.” OK, that doesn’t sound that helpful actually. I’m just trying to tell you this sounds very age-appropriate. 🙂

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