the word became flesh and dwelt among us

The most interesting thing that’s been happening recently, in our toddler’s world, is that he turned some kind of corner regarding spoken language. In May I posted a list of signs he knew — it was about forty words. Since then he made the jump from mostly signing to mostly speaking, and now his spoken vocabulary is somewhere north of 75 words. We know this because his daycare providers have been tracking new words, and they’re keeping a running list in chalk on the wall.

Anyway, here are some developments of note:

  • He likes to do everything for himself, including feeding himself, drinking, walking up and down stairs, and operating the TV remotes. If you “forget” this preference of his, he will cheerfully remind you by shouting “Self! Self!”
  • I’m pretty sure he thinks his name is “you.” This isn’t too surprising, if you think about it — whenever we see a mirror, or a photo of him, of course we always say, “That’s you!” So now when he sees a mirror or a picture of himself, he points and shouts “Yooou!”
  • He’s getting pretty comfortable with two- and three-word sentences. For example, he was poking Elana the other day, and she warned him to be careful near her eye. He giggled delightedly, “Eye… poke… mama! Hahaha!”
  • He can identify written words, at least in the sense that if you show him a page and say, “Where are the words?” he can usually point to them.
  • Finally, he seems to use language to help him think through some of the moral lessons we dimly hope he’s learning. For instance, after a morning of out-of-control whacking that ended with me hiding his little wooden Thor-hammer, he sat next to me and pointed at my knee and said “Whack knee… noooooo….”
  • UPDATE: Forgot to mention — he’s also decided that “it” is some kind of suffix or language particle that goes with all verbs. And for the most part, he’s correct. When he says “want-it,” “have-it,” “like-it,” etc., that’s perfectly understandable English, even though it’s based on a formula that has the “wrong” underlying logic.

2 responses to “the word became flesh and dwelt among us

  1. Living with a toddler is AWESOME! How humans become a person is fascinating and often hilarious.

    Go Henry.

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